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Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney


<apex:outputLink value="{!API.Session_ID}...." > Statement - International</apex:outputLink>

	{!$API.Session_ID}<apex:param name="sid" value="{!$API.Session_ID}"/>
	{!$API.Partner_Server_URL_80}<apex:param name="purl" value="{!$API.Partner_Server_URL_80}"/>                     




HI Ritesh,

Thank you for your replay


I try it before but gives error as "Error: Unknown property 'AccountStandardController.API' " while save the page


after that i use sessionid={!$API.Session_ID} , it saved but record did not display anythink


when i run the custome link from the account page layout the below id's are displaing









 and when i run the same link in visualforce force page from account page layout below  id's are displaying,!










the red marked ids are different, i need the same id in visualforce link as custom link


please let me know how can i solw this problem




Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Your server URL from your custom link is your regular instance - cs12.  Apex runs on a different server - there's really no way around that without hardcoding your URL (which you don't want to do).


You COULD assemble your string in an APEX controller and pass the whole thing back as a variable to the Visualforce page...maybe that would help?




Hi, I had the same issue, where I have to get the custom link from the detail page to my VF page.

The major issue was with session id. I tried passing it from the main page ( thru URL ), queried it from main page, but none worked.

After all this, this is what worked.. the actual link on the detail page itself!!!!

On the detail page, right click, use inspect element (chrome) or firebug, to look at the page. Look for the 'custom link' complete url, starts with '<a href="javascript&colon;openIntegration%28%27%2Fservlet%2Fservlet.......' , copy the whole tag and use it in ur VF page.

This did the trick and hope it does for you..