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Preya VaishnaviPreya Vaishnavi 

!!!!!! Edit Override---> inline editing disabled

Hi All,i have overridden edit button for a particular requirement such that if i edit a record of a particular record type it should get directed to visual force page else it  should be directed to standard page.But when i direct to a standard page the inline editing gets disabled for the standard page.Please provide some solution.


The second one is on overriding edit button the  security of the profiles also gets overridden.... which will lead to security issues



Guys Any pointers on this ???


This is one of the side effects of overriding the edit page.


You can vote up this idea:

Preya VaishnaviPreya Vaishnavi

Hi Bob


Thanks for the reply...So if i override the edit button i can't do inline editing is there any way to overcome this?


Also this overriding leads to security issue,(which is very important) certain profiles/users dont have this edit permission.So if i click this overridden edit button these profiles/users were able to see standard edit page which should not be the case


Any idea to overcome these effects.Your help is very much appreciated.




If certain profiles can't edit, I'd check that via the page action attribute and redirect them to the view page.

Preya VaishnaviPreya Vaishnavi

Okay Bob,Thanks!!!!!!!! Will Try out with that one...





I have overrided view page of contact with a visual force page. But contact page does not show inline editing even after I have added inline editing for visual force page and inline editing is enabled in my profile. Also I want url to not change when I click on view button. It is showing url of visual force page.


Thanks in advance.

Preya VaishnaviPreya Vaishnavi



1.overriding view will not disable inline editing.overriding EDIT will disable inline editing even though inline editing is enabled in the profile.(for standard salesforce pages(not for visualforce page))


2.overriding view with visualforce page will result in the redirection of the url to visualforce server so url will be a visualforce url .


3.As far as inline editing in visualforce page,please provide the code that you have used to enable inline editing in visualforce page.


Thanks a lot it is working now.

But my chatter is not showing when I override visualforce page in contact. Can you help me out in this.

Preya VaishnaviPreya Vaishnavi

use <chatter:feedwithfollowers> tag in the visualforcepage to enable chatter


Thanks a lot. It's working.

Prasanna RPPrasanna RP

Inline Editing functionality will be disabled on Edit override.

Venkat PolisettiVenkat Polisetti

Prasanna RP wrote:

Inline Editing functionality will be disabled on Edit override.

This is totally annoying. Why would you disable inline edit on a standard page simply you overrode an action. This does not make any sense.


It is confusing the hell out of our users why certain standard pages support inline editing and other do not.





I am into same issue..Is this Bug fixed?


This doesn't sound like a bug to me.  


I have overridden the edit page on one of my sobjects as I have stopped editing of some fields based on other field contents.  If inline editing was allowed, all of my business logic goes out of the window and all fields are editable regardless.


So I'd say it is behaving as intended.






I had the same problem. Iam not able to enable inline edit for detail page as I have over ride the Edit button with Vf page. Could you please suggest?

Preya VaishnaviPreya Vaishnavi

Hi Yamuna,


Inline Editing will be disabled once we override edit button.This is like a known issue or we can say as bob suggested it is an intended behaviour so nothing cant be done on this front.We did some workaround for this issue and avoided the override of edit button,so that other users can enjoy the privilege of using inline editing :) . 



Try this.  Override the View button with a simple visual force page.  Make it available for Lightning experience.  Set relatedList="true" if you wish.
Set the StandardController and tabstyle to your object.  

<apex:page StandardController="Opportunity" tabStyle="Opportunity" sidebar="true" lightningStylesheets="true" id="OpportunityLayoutPage">
    <apex:detail inlineEdit="true"