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Dependent Picklists

Hey all,


So this is likely going to be one of those 'your screwed' questions, but I figure I'd give it a shot. I need to develop a visualforce application that can be hosted on a salesforce site. The application itself is a form, where a user is allowed to create multiple things at once (essentially it's a project submission form, and the user is allowed to submit multiple different configurations for their project at once to receive different bids). I've done this by create a tabbed form, where the user can click to get another tab, with another form in each tab. This form is loaded from another page via an ajax request. So the main page goes and reaches out to the second page, gets the generated content and injects it. This is to keep the actual content of the form somewhat modifiable by another group (since it just contains basic html). 


This all works great, except for when it comes to dependent picklists. The javascript used by visualforce to handle the picklists breaks down if there is more than one instance of the same field on the page (which there would be if a user is creating multiple submissions). I've gotten around this before by using the javascript libraries and building my own dynamic picklist system. However, that was when this tool was being hosted in a portal. The javascript libraries are not available through sites. So I can't use visualforce because it breaks down, and I can't use the JS library. 


Long story short, can you think of any way, regardless of how crazy or backwards it might seem to get dependent picklist valus on a salesforce.com site? I've though about trying to set up a web service, or something of that nature, but I simply cannot think of any way to get picklist values from a non authenticated source. 


Anyway, feel free to post any ideas. Just kind of brainstorming here before I give up and have to hand code in all the picklist options. Thanks!

Abhay AroraAbhay Arora



you can use your custom js in your pages . Like i have used jquery mobile on site



Hope above helps


I am aware I can use javascript, but I cannot access the apex.js and connection.js libraries that are required to get picklist values in javascript. Those libraries are provided by salesforce and available within the platform, but are not available on pages hosted through sites. 


I think I may be onto something. I downloaded the metadata API WSDL, and modified it to get Salesforce to be able to consume it. So now I may be able to leverage the metadata API to get my picklist values.