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Max Friel.ax1251Max Friel.ax1251 

Field sets not supporting FLS??


I have this bit of code in my VF...

<apex:repeat value="{!IF(vp,$ObjectType.Call2_vod__c.FieldSets.LILLY_QR_VP_Interaction,IF(team== 'OL',IF(call['RecordTypeId'] == addId,$ObjectType.Call2_vod__c.FieldSets.LILLY_QR_OL_INTERACTION_ADDENDUM,$ObjectType.Call2_vod__c.FieldSets.LILLY_QR_OL_INTERACTION),IF(call['RecordTypeId'] == addId,$ObjectType.Call2_vod__c.FieldSets.LILLY_QR_ML_INTERACTION_ADDENDUM,$ObjectType.Call2_vod__c.FieldSets.LILLY_QR_ML_INTERACTION)))}" var="f"> 
                <tr><td class="label"><apex:outputText value="{!f.label}" /></td>
                <td><apex:outputField value="{!call[f]}" label="{!call[f].label}"/></td></tr>

 The issue is when I am logged in with a user who does not have access to a field in the fieldSet, that field still gets displayed.  Is that supposed to happen?  How can I prevent it from happening?


That sounds like a bug... if you have access to Salesforce support, you should probably open a case.