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Unable to use PageReference with IF

Basically I want to redirect to standard New page when a certain record type is selected, and a custom VF page when a different record type is selected.  Here's my VF


<apex:page standardController="Award_Nominations__c" action="{!IF(!isPClubAward, pageRedirect, URLFOR('/apex/Pclub_Awards',null,[retURL=RetUrl, RecordType=pRecordType],true))}" extensions="SBS_Award_New_Redirect">


The URLFOR part works fine, but if I use URLFOR for the standard new page I get the record type selection page twice.  So I thought to add a method that returns a PageReference, pageRedirect:



public PageReference pageRedirect(){
        String prefix = Award_Nominations__c.Sobjecttype.getDescribe().getKeyPrefix();
        String param = '&CF00N40000002BitJ='+pAwrName+'&CF00N40000002BitJ_lkid='+pAwrId+'&retUrl='+pretUrl+'&RecordType='+pRecordType;
        return new PageReference('/'+prefix+'/e?nooverride=1&'+param);



I've tried pageRedirect, !pageRedirect and {!pageRedirect} in the VF without success.  The error either says:


Unknown Property Award_Nominations__cStandardController.pageRedirect OR

Save error: Syntax error


OR if I change the PageReference to a variable instead of a mehtod with a getter it complains that it receives Text instead of Object.


What's the right way to do this?


Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

I solved it by replacing the pageRedirect with a URLFOR which doesn't show the record type selection page twice (instead of the key prefix I originally had the $ set)


URLFOR('/a4B/e',null,[CF00N40000002BitJ=AwrName,CF00N40000002BitJ_lkid=AwrId,retURL=RetUrl, RecordType=pRecordType],true)