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Max Friel.ax1251Max Friel.ax1251 

Have multiselect selectlist show up preselected....

I am trying to load multi select picklists for a record however no matter what I seem to do the lists never show up with any of hte selectOptions selected...


<apex:selectList rendered="{!IF(aci['Type__c'] == 'MULTIPICKLIST','true','false')}" label="{!aci['Field_Label__c']}" value="{!plvMS[aci['Object_Name__c'] + '.' + aci['Field_Name__c']]}" size="5" multiselect="true">
	           	   	<apex:selectOptions value="{!plvVals[aci['Object_Name__c'] + '.' + aci['Field_Name__c']]}"/>

 Where plvMS is a map of String String[].  The String[] have values loaded into them that match the values selectOptions that are given.  I must be missing something incredibly obvious here, thoughts? 

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Max Friel.ax1251Max Friel.ax1251

Ignore me solution was ot use sfdc id to store the values in the map rather than fieldName.  Its been a long day, sorry for wasting anyone's time