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Show variable of subflow on visualforcepage

Hi all,


I have a flow call on my visualforce page:

<flow:interview name="FlowA" interview="{!myFlow}"  />        

FlowA has some inputfields and at a given moment in time, it calls a subflow (FlowB), which has is own screens & inputfields.

With the input & output parameters, I pass the variables of my subflow (FlowB) to my masterflow (FlowA).

After FlowB has finished, I'm able to show the values of these variables on my visualforce page.


How can I access these variables (from FlowB) before the flow has finished and returned to the masterflow?

Is there any way to show values from variables in a subflow on a visualforce page, before I pass it to the masterflow?





I was thinking on something like this {!FlowA.FlowB.Variable}, but this is not working..


Anyone? :-)