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Daniel B ProbertDaniel B Probert 

VF Example Object Lookup and display object fields in pick list

Hi, i'm trying to find an example of something similar to this so I can see how to do it.


I have a custom object called Forms__c - one of the fields on this page is called Mapping_Object__c which is a picklist of custom objects in salesforce(hardcoded as we only want to display 5)

I have created a new override vf page that displays the form details and has a tab called questions.

On the questions page i would like to display a list of questions with a field call question_binding__c(text field) that is a picklist of all salesforce fields that are in the object referenced in Mapping_Object__c


i hope there is an example of this somewhere that can help me acheive this.





Daniel B ProbertDaniel B Probert
so i have now found this that looks like it does in VF similar to what i want to do but not sure how to manipulate the class for my custom object.


any ideas?