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CommandButton not work with URL rewriter as outputLink with $Page

Hi all,


in new feature URL rewriter to navigate correctly from one page to another, it need to use URLFOR function with $page variable. Example:

<apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Page.myOtherPage)}" />


But i have this commandButton that not work with my site that have enabled URL rewriter ! It return "Site in Maintenence" after click this button, and not myPage!


This is the button:

<apex:commandButton action="{!search}" value=" " styleClass="trova" id="searchButton"/>



And here is the code in my controller:

public PageReference cerca() {
        PageReference acctPage = Page.myPage;
        return acctPage;



How to set good the apex:commandButton, as the outputLink with $Page variable?


Thanks in advance!



Aaron FiskeAaron Fiske

I can't seem to reproduce your problem. I have a (very) simple rewriter:



global List<PageReference> generateUrlFor(List<PageReference> mySalesforceUrls){
          List<PageReference> myFriendlyUrls = new List<PageReference>();
          for(PageReference mySalesforceUrl : mySalesforceUrls) {
              myFriendlyUrls.add(new PageReference(mySalesforceUrl.getUrl() + '?REWRITTEN=TRUE'));
    return myFriendlyUrls;


Using your commandbutton & controller code, I get redirected to /myPage?REWRITTEN=TRUE when I click the button.


Try adding debugging to the end of your rewriter to see what URLs it's actually generating, and then just straight copy & pasting those URLs to see if they're really valid.





Did you get any solution for this ? 

Any help is greatly appreciated.