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Stuck with "down for maintenance" error with Sites and CMSForce

I created several forms w/CMSForce that are hosted on our site which write to a custom object.


They were working beautifully for weeks -- but have unexplainably begun landing on the error page: "(site) is down for maintenance" upon clicking the Submit button.


The biggest clue is that I can successfully submit forms when previewing from the record in Sf.  But when I try to access via web -- the page loads fine BUT upon clicking Submit it neither runs validation rules (on req'd fields and email field) nor writes the data to Sf.  I simply land on the error page.


The only changes I made in the interim were setting up some new user profiles and some minor graphic tweaks to the forms themselves.


I've tried everything I can think of and am wit's end!


If anyone has any ideas, I'd be most grateful!

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For future reference...


I created a new directory on my site and posted the web form pages that that new directory and it resolved my problem!


Thanks to all for your helpful feedback!


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you can leverage our latest "Preview as Admin" feature to find the underlying error,


Thanks, Bulent,


The error was specified as Error ID: 256895844-6180 (-378222007)


I'll scour the boards for refernces -- any additional thoughts are welcome!







this is something support take from here. Please open a case with this info with support. they will get the right development team get involved.


Will do, thank you!


check the object permissions in public access settings of sites.may be you dont have permissions to write or modify


Excellent suggestion.   I have tried granting Read/Write/Create for the custom object and it doesn't change the outcome.


Oddly enough, I created a form for a separate org that writes to a custom object and it works 100% without any permissions set on that object.  


My user permissions (OWDs) shouldn't have any bearning on any of this, correct?  That was one thing I recently changed prior to my form's stopped submitting...


Thanks for your help,



For future reference...


I created a new directory on my site and posted the web form pages that that new directory and it resolved my problem!


Thanks to all for your helpful feedback!


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I have the same problem.Can you elaborate your solution  please.


Here is a re-cap of what I did to resolve the "down for maintenance" problem:


1) my site directory was (company name)  One of my form pages was selected as Home Page and the site was active.

2) I created a new site with a new directory, (company name) 

3) I then configured the Public Access settingsfor the new site and added "page" to the Site VisualForce Pages as described in the CMSForce user guide. 

4) I deactivated the old site, activated the new site and indicated the page I wanted as Home Page, and all  was well.


I wish I could explain WHY this worked, but I cannot.  I simply treated the "down for maintenance" as a terminal problem and resolved by creating a new site -- but thankfully didn't have to create new Pages nor web forms.


I hope this helps!  Good luck...


I know that this issue has been resolved, but I just wanted to post another possible cause of this issue so that people would find it. 


**If you are displaying Pages or Objects from a Managed Package (e.g. CMSForce) in your Site pages, then you will need to make sure that the Site's Guest User has been assigned a License to that Managed Package --- otherwise, you will get the "Site Down for Maintenance" error page.**


I was tipped off to this being the issue by this post on Force 201.

If you have a Site License of the Managed Package, this will not be an issue. It only crops up when you have a fixed number of Licenses. As Force 201 indicates, to assign a License to the Site Guest User, you'll need to go to the Site Guest User's "Assign Licenses" related list. However, it's  tricky to actually find the User page for your Site's Guest User. Here are 2 ways to do it:


1. Create a Public Group, and add your Site Guest User to that Group. Then you’ll have a link to the Site Guest User’s record.
2. Use SOQL Explorer or Anonymous Apex to query for all Users in your org. The Site Guest Users associated with each of your Sites will show up there, so you can grab their Ids.




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