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How to provide link for dynamic columns in pageblocktable.

Hi All,

I have created one search functionality where users can select the filter criteria and fields to display in the search results,

In search results i want to provide a link for Name field .So that users can open that perticaular record.

I know how to it for static columns. It will be some thing like <apex:outputLink value="{!result.id}">{!result.Name}</apex:outputLink>


Now i want do like this for the Name field which will be selected dynamically.

Following is my visualforce code which i use to display the search results.


<apex:pageblockTable value="{!masterlist}" var="rec" rendered="{!if(masterlist.size>0,true,false)}">

<apex:repeat value="{!selectedfields}" var="FieldLable">

<apex:column value="{!rec[FieldLable]}" />


So can any one please give any idea that where and how should i change the code .so that i can provid the link comfirtably.






The combination of  <apex:commandLink> and <apex:param> will do the job.



Could you please provide the code for it.