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Huge discrepancy in Salesforce reported pageviews vs. reality

We have a site that was recently launched into production. Over the past 2 days, Salesforce has reported 20K, 70Kfor 1/26 and 1/27. We use Google Analytics on every page on the site to track this as well. Google reports 21K and 20K for 1/26 and 1/27. What is the deal with the double/triple counting page views, and how do we stop it? Since the only thing in Sites you pay extra/add-on for is page views, this is a pretty large concern to us. I'm opening a support ticket too, but I figured I'd throw this in the open to see if anyone else has found similar.

Thinking out loud here...but do your Site pages (ie the Visualforce pages) have actionFunctions (or eqiuvalent) that is not reloading the entire page but partially reloading? Are you caching your pages? I wonder if partial page refreshes count against the page views? 


according to the doc here, ajax is "N/A" in regards to being counted page views. yes, we do use actionfunctino and actionsupport quite a bit though.

Most search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) that crawl your pages won't show up in javascript-based analytics packages (Omniture, Google Analytics) because they don't trigger javascript. Also visitors to your site without javascript turned on won't be reported in your analytics packages either.



while I agree with that train of thought, the discrepancy I'm seeing, is nowhere near even the greediest of spiders. this is us literally flipping the switch from one site to another (self-hosted vs. salesforce), and while the stats in Google (and the secondary weblog based service we also use) indicate level traffic, salesforce is doubling or tripling that traffic on some days. spiders don't generate THAT much traffic, and the liklihood of the gap being users with javascript disabled is a stretch. almost every major platform out there requires it now (google, facebook, etc), so people with it turned off are in the absolute minority.

when Google reports 20K pageviews, and Salesforce says 70K, there's definitely somethign fishy going on. at this point, i'm of the mind it's either a flaw in the reporting mechanism for Sites, a flaw in the documentation for Sites, or something in between.

Did you learn anything more about this problem?


I'm getting a 10:1 page count. Google analytics is showing 50k hits and SF is showing 500k


not really.  we ended up paying to make the problem go away (no time to deal with it).  obviously not the solution for everyone, considering the robbery-style pricing associated with additional page views.

Laura PattieLaura Pattie
We're experiencing the same thing.  Did buying additional page views solve the problem?  ie are you still experiencing the N:1 page counts? My fear is that we'll purchase the additional page views and then begin to exceed those.  I can't get anyone at Salesforce to look into the reporting package and it's driving me nutty.