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Salesforce Chatter Android App?

I understand that the Blackberry and Android app for Chatter is coming out soon (i think), but I have checked the Android Market for apps and I noticed a couple of apps that support Chatter.


One of them is Seesimic by Seesmic that mentions it supports Chatter along with Twitter and Google Buzz and the other is called Chatter by Moe Khan.


Has anyone had any experience with either one of these apps?


I'm currently testing the version from Seesmic. When you link to  the Salesforce account, there is a reminder that it's a beta version.

Getting the last comments, seeing the chatter last posts, Groups, People and Profile look like fine.

I haven't check the documents part yet, I can keep you posted if there is some interest about it.


thanks. I am also trying it too. Can't view documents or add new coworkers to follow are come of the quirks I have noticed so far.


Anyone trying the other Chatter app?


There is a beta version of chatter for android from Salesforce






That looks very nice. I like the clean look & feel.


I have a Chatter supporting app, and originally I tried and failed to use the rendition servlet to obtain a thumbnail of the attachment. I found that I could not get the needed attachment ids to use it.


Is there some supported or unsupported way to get the attachment thumbnails as is done in the app posted above?