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creating a post with mention via a javascript pushbutton

Hi all, i'm working on a Manual Request pushbutton that send a chatter post to some other user for alerting.


I succesfully create the code, something like this:


var msg='bla bla bla bla';

var cm=new sforce.SObject("FeedItem"); 

How can i introduce the mention for user that i need to alert?

Can i put it in msg string directly, like...

var msg='@user bla bla bla';

have to enclose in brakets?


thank you all


i found something in chatter rest api:

{ "body" :    { 
      "messageSegments" : [ 
           "type": "mention", 
           "id" : "005D0000001GpHp" 
           "type": "text", 
           "text" : " Did you see the new plans?" 

it seems that the body can be composed by different part, but how can i do the same without chatter rest api?



Sorry but at this time I believe you can only make new feed items with @-mentions using the Chatter REST API.


Hi Chris,


Do you know if it's possible to add @mentions via Apex or AJAX yet? I know we can do this via the Chatter REST API but has Salesforce added this functionality in Apex/AJAX?




Not currently. One workaround you can use is to call into the Chatter REST API from Apex by using Apex's built-in HttpRequest object and JSON parser. I believe you can use the context user's session ID as your OAuth token.