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HTTPS Site issue with Chrome/WindowsPC

I logged a Case with support two weeks ago. Case #06716380. Its still being worked on but I was curious if anyone else has seen issues with an HTTPS Site on Chrome and Windows PC. My sites page times out when using HTTPS. All browsers on a Mac OSX work fine. All browsers but Chrome work fine on Windows PC. The page loads fine in all browers and both operating systems if I use HTTP (instead of HTTPS URL). I created a dummy Visualforce page with nothing but text to remove any possible issue with my Visualforce/Apex. And I am able to reproduce the issue. My org is a Free Edition org. 


Anyone else seen this issue? 


Can you post a link to your site?


Sure, sorry, I should have done that in my initial post. 


Here are two HTTPS Site pages I use to reproduce the issue:


The first page is my "real" home page. The second page is a simple test where I removed all custom code from the page and just simply display text. I am able to get the Time Out error with Chrome/WindowsPC. Its inconsistent. Sometimes one of those pages will load, then the second will fail. 


Another interesting comment from support was that my org was a 'trial' org. I am using Free Edition so not sure if there is anything related to that or not. 

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Wow - that is strange.  I'm running Chrome and the 1st link timed out, the 2nd one popped right up.  Going back to the first one - now they're both taking forever to load.


There - as I'm typing this, they both finally came up, but there is no styling.  I noticed that you're using a LOT of Javascript (thousand+ lines?).  I know and love the power of JS and jQ, but I think some of this may be causing your problem.  For whatever reason, Salesforce is REALLY sensitive to how Javascript is structured and executed.  Take a normal run-of-the-mill website and you could slap that code in and not worry about it...but in Salesforce you may run into issues.


Can you rip out all of the javascript on either page and see if your issues persist?




techman97 - thanks for trying that out. And yes, absolutely my page could be more efficient - no question. But once the first page listed in my previous page times out, the second page will time out too. The second page ( is nothing more that text as follows:


<apex:page sidebar="false" controller="controllerNameGoesHere" showheader="false" standardstylesheets="false">

 So as much as something in my JS/CSS might be causing an issue with Chrome/Windows PC, why would that simplistic page have issue too? And why will it load the first time but not after the other HTTPS page times-out? 

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Speaking in total conjecture...when I used to work on web servers in a previous life, if a page screwed up my instance, until that instance was reset or the original server-side processing finally finished nothing would work.  That could be it - but I'm clear as mud on how Sites works with Salesforce.  =P