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Displaying a rich text field leads to "Athentication required"

Hi there,


My first post here to ask for some help.


I'm trying to display a rich text field on a page with a single standard controler.


Everything's ok and is displayed correclty on the apex page (https://aax.salesforce.com/apex/page?id=xxxxxx) but as soon as I display that page in the public site version, i'm getting an "Authorization Required" Page.


I already checked :

- That pages are includes in this site.

- That all the fields security settings are correct.

- All the objects are readable

- The guest user has all the necessary rights above

- The API version of all classes and pages are set to 18.0


If I comment the line displaying this field, everythings displayed correclty : 


<apex:outputText escape="false" value="{!xxxxxxxxx__Vacancy__c.Publication_Text__c}" />



Nothing's displayed in the logs.

Any clue ? :'(

Any Bug reported already about that ?



Just in case make sure your Rich text area field its set to writable too