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$flow.CurrentDate showing incorrect date/time?



Has anyone tried calling the $flow.CurrentDate system variable in flows? This actually seems like a bug. Regardless of what time you invoke the function, it ALWAYS returns 7:00 PM of the PREVIOUS day.


Is there a setting or way to fix this?


Are you still experiencing this? If so, please log a case with support


Hi All,

have you found a solution for this issue? As I'm facing the same problem.





Please report it as a bug. I will do the same. I forgot to do this until you just posted a reply in this thread :) And no, it isn't fixed but I had just converted it to a Date field instead of DateTime, which seems to work OK.



At the end i managed it via an Apex Service Class, into which I could r havfe the proper Type Datetime, but I think a trigger in my case would be the best solution though.

It should be reported them that the datatypes inside the flows are not enough for all the needs.






Looks like this bug might have been fixed in the upcoming Winter 13 release.  We've just tested it and it returned the correct date.


I'm still getting the same error today


I have been getting the same error on a flow and found out that it is because I am trying to populate the date/time field on the event with a date field. Here is the knowledge article from Salesforce which explains why this is happening. I can't seem to find a solution however so if anyone has recommendations, please let me know!

This problem seems to still be there since Dec 2011.  Anyone from SFDC care to focus on this ?
Inna KersmanInna Kersman
We're 2019 and I've just stumbled upon the same thing. Lovely...
It looks like it is only returning the Server datetime; not the org's datetime. Big flaw here Salesforce!!!! 
Gnana Sai Pedagopu 7Gnana Sai Pedagopu 7

Hello Everyone,

It looks like I too facing similar issue.
I was trying to pass $flow.CurrentDateTime into Event Start/End DateTime
User-added image
After the Event is created, it is displaying past DateTime(23/10/2021) instead of Current DateTime(24/10/2021, 2:54 AM). Please refer to the below image. The flow fired at 24/10/2021, 2:54 AM and Event created at the Same time. I'm expecting the same Current DateTime should be displayed at Event Start/End DateTime. But, its displaying 23/10/2021!! Can anyone help me with the solution for this?
User-added image
P.S: When I tried firing the flow today(24/10/2021),it is displaying 24/10/2021 at Event Start/End DateTime. I'm guessing it is due to the difference of GMT timezone (-5:30hrs). Please find below image for the same:
User-added image
FYI, My Org Timezone and Locale are as below,
Time Zone | (GMT+05:30) India Standard Time (Asia/Kolkata)  Locale | English (India)
Question 1: I want to have Event created DateTime to be displayed at Event Start/End DateTime. Can anyone please help?
Question 2: Apart from given input values in EVENT Type in ACTION Element, I want to have Description input value(Which is field of EVENT Object) but it isn't available in the given Set Input Values. Can anyone please help with this issue too?
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