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How to send lead values as a URL parameter & lead conversion based on parameter

Hi developers,

                          I am using visual workflow for showing lead conversion process based on lead values need to send as a parameter. How can we do this flow? Any help on this issue. 







Chris JohnChris John

Hi Sreenath,


You can pass values into your flows via URL query params. E.g. if a flow 'MyLeadFlow' has a variable 'leadId' that you want set a value for, then the Flow URL would look something like:




If you are using the desktop designer, you can create an apex plugin for doing the actual lead conversion, that can be called from your flow. The plugin could also return the success/failure of the conversion along with the created account, contact Id's etc.


Calling ConvertLead from Apex:

Apex Plugin Example:


Hope that helps,




Hi John,


             Thanks for quick reply. I am using desktop flow designer version 7.0.6. I have seen in documentation for lead conversion having one element called Lead convert element in this version. Is it not possible to use that element for lead conversion process. One more thing I want to pass in URL is type of lead values, this field contains 5 values. Is it   possible to send as a parameter.

Chris JohnChris John

Ahh yes, you can use the in-built Lead Convert element from the Desktop version (apologies, I'd forgotten that was a standard element in the desktop version).


Regarding the list of lead values to pass in, is that a list of converted statuses? or a list of lead Ids to convert?


If it is the list of converted statuses, you'd be better off doing a choice lookup in your flow, with the dropdown values coming from a DataSource on the LeadStatus object and using the Master Label value as the display value.


If you want to convert a list of leads, then perhaps the best way would be the Apex Plugin route, as I suspect the built in Lead Convert element works for an individual lead only. You'd need to pass in the Id's as a single string (e.g. comma separated), and create your array in Apex by splitting the string.


Hope that helps.






          Not the lead status values, its a type of leads categorized, having 5 types of leads based on that value in a parameter i need to perform. i don't need bulk but i want single lead for the process, but steps of flow follows for all leads of a category selected from the URL repeatedly.