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Problems with Rich Text Editor

Is the Rich Text Editor in the design screen behaving correctly? When I use it, this has been all editions including Summer '13 now, it either:


1. Completely ignores what I've done and reverts text back to plain. (i.e. if I bold some text sometimes it will keep it, some times it will not.)

2. I've never been able to get 2 line breaks to work with any regularity. (i.e. hit enter key twice to have 1 blank line)

3. Things such as centering, etc also only work intermittently.


I know you can supposedly use HTML codes as well, but first I'd like to understand if editor is ok b/c the purpose of this is to not use HTML...esp since Salesforce is picky here.


Second, I have many of the same issues with using raw HTML. <BR><BR/> for instance....nope.

I'm pulling my hair out for what should be pretty simple stuff.



Are you stating these started from Summer '13? We have not made any changed to that part of the designer.
For 1, i have seen that you need to do it twice sometimes before the formatting if preserved. Can you check on that?
The 2 line breaks issue - i believe you are referring to the run-time behavior. If so, that is how it has always been.
For 3, same as my response to 1 - can you try it twice or so before you click on ok?

No none of these were new. They all existed before. So my question had more to do with whether I was doing something incorrectly as I'm not seeing a lot of questions around this on the boards but, in many areas, it makes the RTE unusable. Even the VF suggestions I got don't work much of the time (i.e. using <BR> tags.)  Double entry and some of the other suggestions only work intermittently and then even when they do work sometimes you make a change, like bold a word, and everything is stripped out...even items that were present before.