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Javascript Error on simple List Button

I have created an example list view button and when I click it, I am getting a javascript error:

" A problem with the OnClick Javascript for this button or link was encountered: Expected ';'

The button code is quite simple:

newArray = {!GETRECORDIDS($ObjectType.Task)};

This list button works in Contacts and the Activity List View records, BUT NOT for Accounts.  The only thing non-standard is that I am using record types with the accounts.  I have added the button to all list views for all record type layouts.  I am using IE6. 

I think this might be a bug...

Any ideas?


Try this...

newArray = "{!GETRECORDIDS($ObjectType.Task)}";

The double quotes might help since you are bringing in a merge field...

Double-quotes around the "merge field" won't help, since that's not the problem (actually, you'd get a string that looks like a JavaScript function instead of a list of ID values). My guess is that you have a mismatched quote somewhere else in your code (although I don't see it here, that's the only valid explaination I have). Check your code for an errant quote or double-quote character. I just tested the original code and it worked:

newArray = {!GetRecordIds($ObjectType.Task)}
So... There's a missing or extra quote. If your code looks identical to mine, then I'd view the source code and find the button to figure out what the code looks like "under the hood". Here's what mine looks like:

 <script  type="text/javascript"></script><script  type="text/javascript">this.__sfdcSessionId = '<my session id is here>'</script><script  type="text/javascript">window.invokeOnClickJS_00b40000000s6Fz = function(element) {
  function getRecordIds(keyPrefix) { return Scontrol.prototype.getSelectedRecordIdsFromForm(element.form, keyPrefix); }

  element.invokeAction = function() { 
    try { eval('newArray = getRecordIds(\'00T\')\r\nalert(newArray)') } catch (e) { alert('A problem with the OnClick JavaScript for this button or link was encountered:\n\n' + (e.message — e.message : e)) }

}</script><input value=" test "  class="btn" name="test" onclick="if (window.invokeOnClickJS_00b40000000s6Fz) window.invokeOnClickJS_00b40000000s6Fz(this); else if (parent.window.invokeOnClickJS_00b40000000s6Fz) parent.window.invokeOnClickJS_00b40000000s6Fz(this); return false" title="test" type="button" />
Looking at the source, it's easy to identify if there's a run-away quote and if it's your fault or not. Check there if all else fails.

~ sfdcfox ~

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Thanks - I will look into as you dexcribe..