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Pete Keane SalesReach SoftwarePete Keane SalesReach Software 

I need a developer to do multiple API integrations into our UE org from Telecom Carriers

I am searching for an SFDC experienced developer to do an ongoing project of integrating Telecommunications Carrier API's into an app we have built on SFDC UE org.  


Our app has two parts:

1.  The "Requestor Org" is the SFDC user's own org.  Our Reqestor Org App adds VF pages using Apex code that provides a user of SFDC the ability to request the pricing and location specific availability of telecom services from us.  When they make the request, using sfdc to sfdc the request is transferred to our UE org which is exclusively used to provide the information back to the Requestor Org.  We call our org that provides the data back to the Requestor Org, the "Provider Org".   


2.  The "Provider Org" uses Apex and VF to accept the SFDC to SFDC request into a series of custom objects. The object used is dependent upon the type of service pricing and availability requested by the Requester Org.  For example there is a Voice Services custom object and a data services custom object.  There are others as well.


Today we return results to the Requestor Org only for Telecom Carriers who do not use an API, but rather provide us with a Database that we load into the Provider Org.  


The need now is to begin expanding this to include Telecom Carriers who have open APIs to which we can forward the request, receive the results and then pass those results to the original Requestor org.  So the flow of each sceanario is as follows:


Requester Org ---> request goes to Provider org. ----------------------------------|       /<--Telco returns response to Provider org---<--|

                                                                                                                                      |----/----->------------------API request to telco----------->|

Requester Org <------ Results from provider org database returned <---------|   /

Requester Org <------ Results from provider org Telco API returned <----------/


While this graphic is limited it does reflect the basics of how the data will flow.  

  • Requester org send request to provider org
  • Provider org forwards request to telco's (if applicable for the request)
  • Provider returns database results to Requester org (if no api for the request is needed or available)
  • Telco's return results to Provider org.
  • Provider org returns all results to requestor org.

Today I need to integrate APIs from four API's.  One of these API's uses a common source and so that one api will add three Telco's.  The total now is six telco's via four api's. Ultimately we expect to add one or more new APIs each month for several years.


I need the one API done immediately.  Its an easy one relative the the more complex APIs that come directly from the Telcos.  SO I need adeveloper that can:

1.  Do the API from the common source economically.

2.  Use the process to learn our App.

3.  Provide an ongoing contract with pricing and SLA's for each additional API.

4.  I need #1 compleded no later tha 9/1/2013.


Of course I can provide the details as soon as we speak but in the meanwhile here are the links to the first API which is the common source for three carriers:


The applicable api POST request is at:

The response is at: 


If you have skills in this area, and are looking for an ongoing engagement please contact me ASAP.

Thank you.

Pete Keane


SalesReach Software, LLC

Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

(843) 321-4216