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Issue with time-based workflow and lead conversion


We have created a time based workflow (to trigger say 2 days before scheduled date, a custom datetime field). After activating this workflow,  we are not able to convert leads to accounts and the system throws the following error message in the convert lead page:

Error: Unable to convert lead that is in use by workflow"

Is there a way to fix this issue as we need to convert the leads even if the workflow has not been triggerd for a particular lead.

Appreciate all your response.



I'm also having this issue.  What's the current thought about it?  It's funny because part of the conversion process is to change the status from Qualified to Converted and we have no workflows on Converted leads.  So if the Status would only be changed then the time-based workflow would be turned off.  As it is now, I need to have people change the status to Open and then convert it.


I ran into this issue recently, and found it annoying enough that I blogged about the solution. See http://www.opfocus.com/2011/08/how-to-convert-a-lead-in-use-by-a-time-based-workflow-in-salesforce/ for a way around the problem.