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invalid session id error

I have an scontrol which links to an edit page for a custom object in my app.  When I get to this edit page and make my edits and hit save, I want the retURL to go to my scontrol page with the list of links to repeat the same process over again.  Unfortunately, it works fine until it tries to go back to the scontrol page with the links...this is when I get the "uncaught exception :invalid_session_id:illegal session" error in Firebug....I think I am somehow losing the identifying id of my custom object which drives the edit page but not sure...

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Hmm...  You might want to use cookies to store the scontrol state before jumping to the edit page and consume the cookies when returning from an edit page to restore scontrol state (ie: the sessionid, custom object id etc.)
How can I "restore" the scontrol state as you mentioned...what are the parameters which I need to track and what are they called and where can I find them...can I just append them to the url and pass them along? is this enough or do I need something in my scontrol which grabs them and then renders properly?

How can I do this?  Any samples anywhere?  Any help is greatly appreciated...


I am having the exact same indications.

I have an sControl in a popup that contains a link to edit a Task.  The url format I'm using is...


The link works fine, and I'm able to edit the Task record.  When I save the Task, I am redirected back to the sControl, but I am getting an INVALID_SESSION_ID fault.

Any ideas?