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SAML2 Bearer Grant: user hasn't approved this consumer

Hi - I get a client posting what appears to be a valid SAML2 Bearer grant to a Salesforce access token endpoint. The error is

"user hasn't approved this consumer".


I guess "the consumer" is identified by a client_id of the registered Remote/Connected application. When I build a SAML2 assertion I use that "client_id" as an issuer and my own login name as "subject name".


So I have this application with my Salesforce account view, but how do I get this connected application 'approved' ?


getting the same error message, did you found any solution. I have added the IPs in my connected Apps but still getting the same message.

No, I did not have time. Please update this thread if you find the
I thought it was something to do with pre-approving a given connected
application in Settings,
but I could not find how.

@GreatG and @sberyozkin Hi Guys, I am getting similiar problem. Please share your solution. Thanks in advance.