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visualforce on mobile device

Hi All,


Suppose I create one page using visualforce . Will  that page work for all the mobiles  or do I need to pass some 

parameters which is defined by Salesforce for creating mobile app .


I dont want to create mobile app .however , wanted to access the same page from diff

mobile device .will it create any issue ?







Take a look at the HTML5 example in the Mobile SDK workbook. We have a standalone app developed using Visualforce and JSRemoting. 




According to me you have to do something like this


<apex:page showHeader="false"  standardStylesheets="false" cache="true" controller="AttendanceController" docType="html-5.0">

<!-- rest remains same -->




Thanks !!


Actually the requirement is - we have one external app in which we are going to provide link to the application , which we will create in Salesforce . ANd we are going to use SSO .so that customer would not require to re-enter the password .


 Do we need to configure something else in SSO or without making any change SSO will work on mobile device .


actually we are developing the application for desktop client  but client wants to use the same on mobile device .


This aaplication is using SSO , visualforce page , So my question is -do we need to bother about any thing while accessing the same app on mobile device .


Also do we need to take mobile licenses ?


SSO would be configured in same way ?