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composite application, VF Case page, and local

As we evaluate SF Service Cloud, there is a hard problem to solve, and I'm looking for help.


our case attachments are stored on a system INSIDE our firewall. no access from the outside. The support engineer is using the SF app, from OUTSIDE the firewall, but I need to give them access to the files.. we use a custom secure application for that. launched from an intranet web server.. (applet)..   but.. I can't find a way to invoke the url for the intranet as it is on another domain from SF, and the xmlhttpprequest() fails for cross site scripting checks. 


I can't use the standard proxy approach, cause the proxy would run on the SF server outside the firewall, and it can't get back in from out there.. 


I have other apps I need to deploy in this area as well..  so this is a general problem, not a one timer..


funny, watching the httpwatch and firebug, the transactions actualy run fine, but the output is discarded at the httpresponse() callback method..  (under firefox.. IE 8 fails it right away,access denied)..


any ideas welcomed.. a real head banger..



Message Edited by sammyd on 03-18-2010 05:16 AM

You can't use scripting across domains; there's been debates about this ever since Netscape went live with scripting, about the pros and cons. Regardless, in order to access the intranet, you will need to grant access through your firewall to Salesforce, or create a custom synchronization program to copy the files into Salesforce (probably the recommended option).