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Milestone PM Milestone1_Task_Trigger_Utility_Test.chatterSubscriptionLimitExceeded() Issue



I'm getting this issue when trying to deploy a trigger for Account and Contact. I'm not sure why this is happening since I'm not touching any of the objects used by Milestone PM. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Any workaround? Thanks!




Failure Message: "System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Insert failed. First exception on row 6; first error: LIMIT_EXCEEDED, Maximum per user subscription limit reached.: []: []", Failure Stack Trace: "Class.Milestone1_Task_Trigger_Util...






I've just run into this too. I haven't figured it out yet. Just wanted to put it out there that there is more than one person struggling with this. The thing that is weird for me is that the test passes in my sandbox, but not in production. 


My test fails on row 86...yours fails on row 6. 


Looking forward to answer on this...holding me back on a deployment. 


I think I may have figured it out. Check the Custom Settings for the app. If you find that the Auto Follow Tasks option is checked, try unchecking it....I think the class will pass then. 


Actually what I did is comment out the codes from the test classes which are causing the issue. Since the class is umanaged package, I was able to edit it and deployed the changes to production.

@akallioWiley - Thanks for the suggestion. That fixed the issue