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Error in AndroidManifest of sample App ContactExplorer

Good day you all


I a newbie to Salesforce mobile SDK and android developement in general and I got stuck on my first sample app ContactExplorer which comes with SalesforceMobileSDK. I have imported the project successfully but got the following error 

Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'resource' with value '@xml/authenticator')

 this is in line 50 of AndroidManifet.xml file of the application.


How can I solve the above problem, your help will be highly appreciated

Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal

I faced this issue as well. My workaround was to create this file manually and enter the following info


<account-authenticator xmlns:android=""
	android:accountType="@string/account_type" android:icon="@drawable/ic_launcher_logo"
	android:smallIcon="@drawable/ic_launcher_logo" android:label="@string/app_name" />

 Just ensure that you have the logo at the correct path (res/drawable). This is more of a hack but it's proven to work. I too will be interested in knowing if anybody has a cleaner solution for this.






I have this error also and I am a mobile newbie. 

Can you add some more detail please.

What file are you creating manually with the xml content you describe?







I didn't get the solution I wanted, I ended up making SalesforceMobileSDK-Android folder my workspace and that did the trick, I'm still trying to investigate how I can build my own app without copying the entire content of SalesforceMobileSDK-Android folder into my workspace because I believe just copying SalesforceSDK-1.4.2.jar from the dist folder to your project's libs folder together with few configurations(which I haven't figured out yet) would do.


Can someone with more experience help us on what need to be done to get rid of the above errors without copying the entire content of the SalesforceMobileSDK-Android(the clone) into our workspace? 




You need to import the SalesforceSDK library into your workspace, you don't need all the projects from the repo, but you do need that one.




Thanks a lot for helping Simon, I have been going through the SaleforceSDK library(looks like a project to me), and I have the few questions as Im still new to SalesforceSDK


1) Does that mean other sample projects use/are dependent on SaleforceSDK packages/libraries, meaning they can't work without importing the native app SalesforceSDK to the workspace??


2) Can I develop my own app using SalesforceMobileSDK without  having to import the above app to my workspace??




The SDK is configured as an Android Library Project (see for eclipse this means it has to be a project in your workspace.


Hello All,


Even after including the projects (SalesforceSDK and SmartStore) and I am getting the "No resource found" error when i am trying to build the sample AccoundEditor app. can anyone please tell me how to fix this??


Right click on your project in Eclipse, click on Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Android, scroll to the bottom, and you should see the SalesforceSDK project included in the library projects listed at the bottom. If there is a red X next to it, this means it has the incorrect path listed, in which case, you would have to remove that entry and add the SalesforceSDK project there. When configured correctly, a green check mark appears next to it. Clean and recompile your projects after this step, and it should work fine.