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Read Only Fields for System Administrator

Hi All
I just started working with the force.com platform a few days ago, so my question is very basic.
I have an object with two text fields with field level security set to read only for ALL profiles, and both have a default value. However, when i'm logged in as system administrator, the fields are editable (both when i create a new record and when i edit an already existed one). For other profiles, the fields are indeed read only. If that's how the system is supposed to work, why do i have at all the option to set fields as read only for system administrator, when this setting is overriden?
alonm -

So, as you probably already found out, there is a permission called "Edit read-only fields" on the System Administrator profile, like other profiles.  The only problem is that you are not allowed to edit this permission in a standard system profile.

If you really want to prevent sys admins from editing read-only fields, you can clone the System Administrator profile and uncheck that permission in the new profile.

Hope this helps.
Jay Kilian 3Jay Kilian 3
Old post, but an update to RickyG's answer that may be useful to other users who ended up here: if you clone the System Administrator profile it will be a Custom profile. This means that you would need to ensure that all future features (fields, objects, etc) include profile permissions to the System Administrator (Clone). You'll need to keep that in mind for sharing rules, integrations, and all other standard System Administrator related features. It can lead to headaches down the line, so be absolutely sure it is necessary.