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Picklist Values...

Remember the good ole days of programing when you could define the values of a drop down that were passed when the submit form button was clicked.... when you actually had to write the code?? Not that I want to go back to those days, because I am not that good at writing code, but I wish I could for this particular issue.

I need to display a category drop down list to my user, but associate a different string of data with their selection and store it for later use.


Inventory Control App

Add Item > Choose Item Category
User has to choose a category for the item they are entering into the inventory control app.
Category > household items
But I need to associate that category name with a predetermined URL string for later use.

so "household items" = http://www.someurl.com/pagename
any ideas on how to do that with the force.com builder tools??



chrisforce -

Ah yes, programming - I remember that.

You can get to where you want to go, almost.  You can set another field on the object to the URL.  You would do this by creating a workflow with a field update, and setting the value for the alternate field based on using the VLOOKUP function to another object, which would contain the values in the picklist and the associated URLs.

Not entirely clean, but can be done with only Builder.  Of course, this would be pretty straightforward using Visualforce to implement a data-based picklist, but that is beyond Builder.

Hope this helps.

Rick - I thought vlookup could only be used in validation rules ... not in workflow.  I'll be very happy if you come back and say "coming soon" as I have a project ready-to-go as soon as this functionality comes which I assume it will someday.

Chris - This does work quite easily with workflow and field update using the Case function.  I wasn't sure that it was going to work translating a picklist value to a URL but I did a quick test and it worked great and was simple with Builder.  No code is a lovely thing for me.