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Problems Logging into Excel Connector first time

Hello - I am having problems logging into the Excel Connector the 1st time for Salesforce Professional Edition after installing.


After adding the Excel Connector to my list of add-ons within Excel 2007 and attempting to run the add-on, I receive a Microsoft Visual Basic error message which reads "Can't find project or library."


I am then prompted for a sf_connector Password.  When I enter my Salesforce password (with my security token added to it), I receive a Project Locked error message which reads "Invalid Password".


Can anyone point me in the right direction and let me know how I can get the Excel Connector to work on my machine?


Thanks in advance for the help.


This may not be related, but it might lead to a solution -- http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28775


I haven't encountered this problem myself or I might have more in depth to suggest.  I do know that the excel connector has some dependencies that you need to install -- the Requirements listed here http://code.google.com/p/excel-connector/


Hope this is helpful.

Ben Jones, CollabraxBen Jones, Collabrax

I have the same problem.  Did you ever find a solution?

Ben Jones, CollabraxBen Jones, Collabrax

I was using Office 2007 and found that after installing the latest service pack, the problem went away.