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Anthony ScatamacchiaAnthony Scatamacchia 

Has anyone configured salesforce1 with Good container?

For SSO purposes we are utilizing the Good wrapper for our mobile users, but I am running into alot of configuration issues with the Good wrapper.  Specifically:
- Actions are not all appearing
- I am unable to save records as a user
- users have access to all picklist values that are not established for their user profile
- the "+" button is not easily "touchable" on android devices as a user has to wait for back arrows to disappear

any help here is greatly appreciated!
Hi Anthony, 

Need more details on this, how is the App built. What App is it? (Andriod only).  

What are the actions that are missing?

When saving records - did you try debug logs to see? Have you tried with Multiple users and Multiple devices over different Network. 

Also post if any screenshots are available through tinypic.com.