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Layouts in offline Mobile app

there're layouts with fields, sections, dependencies, rules, which can be created in SF and then distributed to standadard SalesForce1 mobile app which makes a great advantage of flexibility and scalability.

As this standard app works only online and cannot be customized (right?) i would like to develop my own app with full offline capabilities.

Is there any possibility to sync SF layouts/visualpages etc (and related fields and rules) into a custom mobile app? any API or SDK class supports that download and parse?

I am not sure if I understand this correctly  - so you wish to create your own application (which connects to Salesforce) but is offiline?
Salesforce1 is an app which needs network connection(wifi) so as to link to salesforce and get data.

If you wish to create your own custom mobile, I would suggest you to go through the following  :
I went through the docs but it didn't help.

I would like to know if i can download and store on a device any visualforce (or whatever SF supports for layout management) page, and in the custom app parse and show it in mobile interface without any connection to Internet. That would help an admin bring a change of a layout quickly and remotely to user's devices. Otherwise the layout need to be hardcoded in the app itself and then developers need to rebuild an app to implement any simple change in the interface (like new field or validation rule).