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@Test Class for befor insert

Hello evryone,
I have wrote the code
trigger updatebody on Property_Obj__c (before update)  
    Property_Obj__c pro= new Property_Obj__c();
    List<Property_Obj__c> porpetylsit= new List<Property_Obj__c>();
    for (Property_Obj__c newprop: {
    Property_Obj__c oldprop = Trigger.oldMap.get(newprop.Id);
    if (oldprop.Counter_No__c != newprop.Counter_No__c) {
        Frequency__c frequency = [Select ID, Subject__c, Body__c from Frequency__c where Counter_No__c = : newprop.Counter_No__c];
        newprop.Subject__c = frequency.Subject__c;
        newprop.Body__c = frequency.Body__c;
But when i run the test class through Ecclipse i get 0 Lines not tested ,100 % covered .But its
giving the error has Multiple markers at this line
- Test coverage of selected Apex Trigger is 0%, at least 1% test coverage is
- File only saved locally, not to server

Can you please help out to write the test class for the above trigger

Phillip SouthernPhillip Southern
Hey Sailer, so the test class should be pretty straight forward.  You want to build a record of your custom objects, insert it..then update it to change the value.  Here is a quick sample:

private class test_PropertyObjectTrigger {
    static testMethod void testUpdate()
       Frequency__c freq = new Frequency();
       freq.counter_no__c = 1;     //assuming this is number field, change to text if needed.
       //**Add any other field requirements here.
       insert freq;

       Property_Obj__c prop = new Property_Obj__c(); = 'test';  //assuming a name field is present and required.
       //**Add any other field requirements here.
       insert prop;

       prop.counter_no__c = 1;    //assuming this is number field, change to text if needed.
       update prop;