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ethan huntethan hunt 

Performance Impact Or Memory Management Impact

Hi All,

The question might sound silly. Its a generic question that I want to ask.

If I instatiate a object for Ex - Employee emp = new Employee(); multiple times with the same instance variable name emp in different method, wht will be the impact.

Will it be on Heap Size or Performance.


It should not impact heap size or performance if you are declaring a variable 10 times in a class but as per basic programming practice you can declare it just once.

If you wish to understand heap size then please refer following blog:

Hay Hi

i i belive declaring a variable in apex class  impact heap size , because what ever you have declare in class it will take some memory sapce at runtime so i belive  that declaring mulitple variable  in a class will impact heap size of class

if you declaring an integer varibale it will take 2 btyes in memory 
if y declare 10 integer varibale it will take 2*10 btyes in memory