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sonu guptasonu gupta 

Not able to add visualforce page in custom object page layout


I am working on salesforce, my requirement is to create custom object and to add visualforce page in custom object page layout. I am able to create custom object but i could not see any option to add visuaforce  page to custom object page, can any one help me how to do it.

I have attched screen shot.

thanks in advance

Sonu GuptaUser-added image
Hi Sonu Gupta,

That vf page should have StandardController set to the the object, in which pagelayout you wish to show.

Hi Sonu,

   Create VisualForce Page for that particular Object then go to your object Page layout Vf Pages visible.

Before Creating Vf Page My Book__c Object:

User-added image

Create Vf Page for Book__c Object:

Step 1:
User-added image
Step 2:
After Created Vf Page for Book__c Objec
User-added image

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sonu guptasonu gupta
Thanks for you reply. Issue got resolve
Olivia Porter 1Olivia Porter 1
In regards to adding the VF page...I did this and I am still unable to see my specific VF page populate. I can see other VF pages to select from, but not the one I created. Any insight as to why this would be happening? 
Mukesh Kumar 107Mukesh Kumar 107
Rockzzz solution works fine. @Olivia Porter1 - what is your error message. If you take @sonu gupta example aboe, the do following.

Create a VF Page name = with following code
<apex:page showHeader="true" sidebar="true" standardController="MyToDoTask__c">

		<apex:pageBlock title="Title: Custom VF Page on Object's Page Layout">
		<p> This is another visualForce page inside Object's PageLayout. </p>
You will see "TestMyToDoList" option available in VisualForce Page.
Nick ValerioteNick Valeriote

Hi all,

I too am trying to accomplish the above request; however, I don't see VisualForce Pages in my custom object's page layout.

I created a controller (CheckList) based on a custom object checklist__c.  However, on my VF page, when I put 'Standard' in front of the word 'Controller", it gives me an error: "<apex:page StandardController="CheckList">.  When I remove the word 'Standard', it saves properly.  However, it sounds like the only way to be able to add my VF page to the page layout of my custom object is to reference StandardController in my VF page.

Can anyone assist with a solution?

Hi Nick, 

For custom object , you need to use <apex:page StandardController="checklist__c">  , i.e. for Custom object we need to use the api name for the objects.

Hope this helps!!