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Janardhana ReddyJanardhana Reddy 

when workflow fires getting blank email. can any one help me how to fix the problem

public class Contactemail {

    public Contact Contact;
    public ID contactId{get;set;}
    public List<Account> accountList;
    public Contactemail(){
    public Contact getContact() {
    if (this.Contact == null && this.contactId != null) {
       this.Contact = [Select Id,Name,FirstName,VolunteerPage1URL__c,Owner.Name,Owner.Title,Owner.Email,Owner.Phone from contact where id = :this.contactId];
    return this.Contact;
    public List<Account> getAccountList() {
    List<contact> zipList = [select mailingpostalcode
                      From Contact
                      where Id =: ContactId
                    Limit 1];
       system.debug('zipList ==>'+zipList);
       Set<String>zipId = new Set<String>();
       for(Contact zip:zipList){
       List<Zip_Code__c> councilList = [select id,Council__c
                       from Zip_Code__c
                       where Name =:zipId
                      Limit 1];
       Set<Id>councilId = new Set<Id>();
       for(Zip_Code__c zip:councilList){
       system.debug('councilList ==>'+councilList);
       accountList = new List<Account>();
       this.accountList = [
            Select Id                
                 , Council_Header__c
                 , Council_Header_Url__c
                 , Council_Email__c
                 , Phone
                 , Name
              From Account
             where Id = :councilId
             limit 1
     return this.accountList;

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
What happens when workflow fire? And how this class is in role?
Janardhana ReddyJanardhana Reddy
When Workflow triggers email sent to the Contact email id, that email not having any body
Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
Email is sent via email alert or trigger?
Janardhana ReddyJanardhana Reddy
Via Workflow email alert