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Kathir DevanKathir Devan 

Why web tabs & VF tabs not available in sharing settings...

I have created some web tabs and VF tabs.I would like to give sharing setting option, but it does not appear any web tabs and VF tabs..
I mean goto-->sharing seting -->Manage sharing settings for :All object-->inside this option there is no appear my VF tap and web tabs).can any one give some suggestion..

Hii Kathir,
                   First thing is that we don't decide the tab visibility in the the sharing setting. we only decide the accesibility feature in the sharing setting.
       Accessibility means the read,read/write,etc permission for internal user or external user . Some OWD rules are already define in the sharing rule and you 
   can define your own  custome sharing rule for the objects also.

Now if you want to display your vf page as a tab then there is setting in the tab section(create->Tabs->new->choose the vf page) .
or from the tab section in the main page and click on the + sign then you can customize your tab.

i hope your doubt cleared.