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kishore neelapukishore neelapu 

Parallel approval steps

Hello Team,

Below is a requirement from one of our customers.

The objective is to have a parallel approval process on an object.
For Example, when a record is submitted for approval, it has to spawn multiple approval steps(more than 2) in Parallel (say, Approval from Legal team, approval from Finance team). Either of these steps can be approved/rejected in parallel by different sets of approvers.

We can find parallel approvers for a single approval step but not parallel approval steps in the configuration. Can anybody please guide here how to achieve this parallel approval steps?
Shivanath DevnarayananShivanath Devnarayanan
I think this question was also asked in the Answers community, see if this helps you out :
kishore neelapukishore neelapu
Hi Shivanath,

The question here is I need to send the approval request to 3 group of approvers parallely and get response from each set of approvers. It is not about sending parallel approval request in a single step.

I see the steps in approval configuration as serial. Is there any way to achive all the steps parallely.
Shivanath DevnarayananShivanath Devnarayanan
ok, if thats the case, i think you'll be able to define multiple approvers while you setup the approval process, just lick the add row link

User-added image

Hope that helps !
kishore neelapukishore neelapu
I hope you did not get my questions correctly,

In this case I have 3 groups of users, name groups as A,B,C. In the standard approval process configuration, we have to set them in a serial way(stpes) one group by one firstly A followed by B,C. Suppose 'A' group takes 3 days for approval and 4 days by 'B' and 5 days by 'C' and if some one from group C rejects/approves it, then the cycle time for rejection/approval is 12 days(3+4+5) days as approva/rejection by last step is only after first two.

In order to save the cycle time, we wanted to have parallel approval of groups A, B, C so the cycle time would at max be the longest time taken in any of the group(5 in the above example).

I am not able to achieve this in normal process. Let me know if you have any idea.
Marianne KomeskiMarianne Komeski
We also require parallel approval rules (Finance/Sales/Operations may all approve or reject record in parallel) and their response needs to be captured for each (versus the 'Unanimous approval' which kicks back to prior approval step with first rejection).

From what I have read, it appears that the suggestion is to create multiple approval processes with an APEX code that triggers the entry from Approval Process 1 into Approval Process 2 (and so on).


Have you been able to find any additional information on the best way to accomplish multiple parallel approval processes?

Thank you for any help!
Nithya S 1Nithya S 1
Hey Kishore,
Did you implement this? I've got to implement something similar.

API User 577API User 577
hello all,

i have to implement similiar feature can any one help me
Apoorva SApoorva S

I have same requirement can somebody help me how can be achieved this ?
Corny UnicornCorny Unicorn
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if someone has a solution for this, can you please share here ?. Thanks !