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Issue related to custom field in contact object

Hi All,

I have created a custom field like sign in contact object.I want to enter any signature(image) in sign__c and then save this record.

If i want to view this record then this  field shows graphihcal sign which i wrote in <img>tag..

Can anyone help me?

Kindly support and suggest.
Feroz Abdul RehmanSFDCFeroz Abdul RehmanSFDC
The easiest way to do this would be to create your field as a Text Area (Rich) field. That way, you can upload images into your records from your computer and your image is stored in Salesforce in that record.
If you wanted to use a formula field, it gives you the flexibility to use any url as your source for the image. You can use the IMAGE() function. But if you upload the file to salesforce into your documents object and want to use a formula field, you'll have to use a two-step process. Create a text field in your Contact object that stores the ID of the record you uploaded into your Documents object. Use the IMAGE() function to refer to that ID using "/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file="&yourIDfield
Hi Sir,

Thank you for immediate response.

I had created a custom field(textarea rich) and formula field(text) in contact object.

In formula field,I had used image function as "IMAGE("","No Signature")

I entered some image format as(sign) in custom field and saved.
When I want to view this record,I didn't get any update to custom field which I had given in image function.

Awaiting for response.
Feroz Abdul RehmanSFDCFeroz Abdul RehmanSFDC
These are two different strategies. You need to choose one or the other. The text area rich is the better option IMHO. Can you please try with just the Rich Text field and let me know. Thanks.

I would recommend to use "IMAGE" formula function in formula field. Jsut provide the link in IMAGE(link) and you will be able to see image there. Text type formula shoud we used.


IMAGE(image_url, alternate_text [, height, width])


Thank you for immediate response.

I got this requirement using triggers.

Thanks for all.