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Soql on IdeaComment without filter by Id


I am trying to execute the following soql queris using bulk API / workbench / Developer console, but I am not able to retrieve the result without filter on Ids.

SELECT Id FROM IdeaComment;

How do I get the result of soql queries without filter on Id.

nitesh gadkarinitesh gadkari
Hi Anupama,
Here is what happend when i fired your requested Query in workbench.Please look at it.

MALFORMED_QUERY: Implementation restriction. When querying the Idea Comment object, you must filter using
the following syntax: CommunityId = [single ID], Id = [single ID], IdeaId = [single ID], Id IN [list of IDs], or IdeaId
 IN [list of IDs].

As the query itself gives explaination,but here i explain for you.There are restriction applied on IdeaComment object as you can imagine there can be comments in 1000's which will hit governor limits until and unless they are specific in terms of community for which they are(Developer /Success Community)

So,Syntax for this has to be in the form mentioned by error given in bold.

If this fulfills your query mark it as best asnwer.
Thanks Nitesh.

We get same issue with many such objects like IdeaComment, Vote , Knowledge Articles etc..
Is there any way to differentiate such objects from other objects?

Also .     While processing objects like Task priority, casestatus etc. we are getting the error as “Entity 'Casestatus' is not supported by the Bulk API”. What could be the reason for this. Where as I am able extract the data using workbench /  developer console.

nitesh gadkarinitesh gadkari
You have to filter your query using the id's mentioned in the query error.Half your work is done from there itself.

May be you are hitting Bulk api limits somewhere. 
Sumit Sarkar 2Sumit Sarkar 2
Is there a dynamic way to query IDEACOMMENT to include the IDEA ids in the IN clause; or determine a list of possible communityids using Soql?  I know this defeats the purpose of Salesforce introducing the restrictions, but it would be really helpful since I don't necessarily know how to find the communityids.
Dilbag singh 24Dilbag singh 24
Sumit sarkar 2 , when we hover over community url in all community option it display in left corner of page
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