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Abilash Kosigi 8Abilash Kosigi 8 

Learning REST API


I would like to learn REST & BULK API Concepts. Is there any sample demo or project for the same?
Please let me know.
Always start with developer.salesforce.com - here's a tutorial on the REST API with links to other resources:


there's a bunch of videos on youtube at: 


and here's the Bulk API "home" page - this has links to various articles, documentation etc:


There aren't that many youtube videos, but what there is can be found at:


Abilash Kosigi 8Abilash Kosigi 8
Hi Bob,

Do we need to have a client application to pratise this? I have seen the Developer guide which is talking about some Demo Client application. I dont have any.
Please help wrt this.
You'll need something to consume the REST API - most of the examples guide you through building a client to consume it.