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SFDC n12SFDC n12 

formula number field for entering only year and month


I am creating a formula number field which should accept only month and year

mm/yyyy format

and not date

let meknow the formula to use

Thanks in Advance

Nagarjuna ReddyNagarjuna Reddy

Can you clarify your question more clearly..

If you are trying to create a formula field with return type  number there no way to store a Date(mm/yyyy) value in number field.
SFDC n12SFDC n12

I want to enter mm/yyyy format formula field

please let me know hoe to do it

Thanks in Advance
Vatsal KothariVatsal Kothari

You can create custom Text field for Date and validate it.

SFDC n12SFDC n12
can i have the formula to enter only month and year
Nilesh Jagtap (NJ)Nilesh Jagtap (NJ)
Formula fields are readonly fields. You can not edit them. You can add text field to accept mm/yyyy value and add validation rule to validate the criteria.

Nagarjuna ReddyNagarjuna Reddy

I can not manually enter a value or text into a formula field.  

So if you are trying to autopopulate the forumla field from any other fields which is in mm/yyyy format, then do not take the formula field return type as Date or DateTime, take return type as text and then you can get the format as mm/yyyy.

I suggest post your requirement clearly if the above one does not helps..


SFDC n12SFDC n12


I have a custom date field calld as ADR Month

i want to display only month and year for it for which i need help

can i create a formula field of text and call the date field ADR MONTH

kindly helpme

Nagarjuna ReddyNagarjuna Reddy

Got it ...
 Try to analayze the below screenshot
User-added image
Nagarjuna ReddyNagarjuna Reddy
I have two objects Project and Employee.
In Project object there is DATETIME field called Project_close_date__c.  Field shows output as 9/30/2014 7:35 PM 

Now I want to autopopulate the above field (Project_close_date__c) in my employee object using formula but condition is i will show as  mm/yyyy format 

So it took a formula field with return type of text in employee object...

And formula is as follows.

TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(TEXT(Project__r.Actual_Project_close_date__c )))) &  "/" & TEXT(YEAR(DATEVALUE(TEXT(Project__r.Actual_Project_close_date__c ))))