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Hilary Snyder 10Hilary Snyder 10 

Installing Live Agent on a Word Press Site

Hi all!  I configured Live Agent and have the development code and chat button code but am stuck on site.  Have tried adding both to header.php and footer.php but no success.  Any tips?  Thanks!
Pavan DavePavan Dave
As far as I know, Live Agent code will work perfectly on a html page. 
So can you try to find my wordpress widget for displaying html area and there try to put Live Agent code...
Hilary Snyder 10Hilary Snyder 10
Thanks Pavan but adding a widget did not work.  
Toan Nguyen DucToan Nguyen Duc
Hi Hilary, too long since 2014, but now I have the same problem with sales force live chat and wordpress
HOw we can do?