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Abu Hashim ShaikAbu Hashim Shaik 

OData API call implementation in Salesforce

Anyone knows like how are we going to make oData API call from the Salesforce. I've a demo to give. Kindly help me find out. As far as I know , the concept of External data source is showing up. But I need some more information regarding the oData Integration.

Thanks in advance.
Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal
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Abu Hashim ShaikAbu Hashim Shaik
@Matthews....I've referred this link and I've watched the demo of the Dream force regading the External Object inplementation using oData. But I need some more info regarding this oData integration. 
Sumit Sarkar 2Sumit Sarkar 2
I published a basic tutorial on odata.org to get started with out-of-box OData production tools which are GA: http://www.odata.org/blog/salesforce-external-object-integration-using-lightning-connect-with-odata/