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Tab Visiblility

Hi All,

I am facing some customize problem, please let me know how can I solve It.

1. I am working on communities where I need to hide some standard tab(chatter & Groups tab) for the community user.
What I did: I went to community user profile and select the tab hidder for tab setting.
Result : It's working fine.

2. Now For other profile I need to show these tabs (chatter & Groups tab) but when I loged in community as internal user by default chatter tab is selected. Whic I do not want. I have a custom tab for a VF Page, I want to make this tab by default selected.
What I did: I made chatter & Groups tab as default off in custom setting and made my custom tab as default on, I am expecting that this will make thes 2 tab visibel but not selected by default.
Result: Thes two tabs not coming in tabbar itself. I hope this must be when I select tab hidded not the "Default Off".

Please let me know what point i am missing. It's urgent.

Hi Shiv,

Do you mean to say that you want this particular tab to be the one that is selected and the one that is open by default when you open the particular App ?

If so, you'll have to got to Setup -> Build -> Create -> Apps -> <Edit your App> -> Change the Default Landing Tab to the one you want.
You can also change the order in which tabs appear in your app in the Selected Tabs list.

Hope this helps.

Hi Lakshmi,

I changed the default landing tab to my custom tab but it's not working. Do I need to make change some other changes also ?