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Displaying the already existing Contact details on a separate page along with the error (Urgent)


I have written a trigger to catch duplicate contacts. I am looking forward to display the already existing contact details and the error message on a separate page:

Here is my trigger:

trigger Duplicate1 on Contact (before insert) {
    set<Id> accIds = new set<Id>();

    for(Contact p{
    map<Id,account> parentAccmap = new map<Id,account>([select Id,parentId,recordtypeId from account where Id IN :accIds and parentId!=NULL and recordtypeId='012600000005J5J']); //add Site record type Id here.

    set<ID> parentIds = new set<ID>();
    for(Account acc : parentAccmap.values()){
    map<Id,Set<String>> parentPrMap = new map<Id,Set<String>>();
    list<Contact> prParentlist = [select ID,Email,Name,AccountId, Account.recordtypeId,Phone,FirstName, lastName from Contact where AccountId IN:parentIDs and Account.recordtypeId='012600000005J5I']; //add Customer record type Id here.
    for(Contact pr:prParentlist){
        if(parentPrMap.get(pr.AccountId) == null){
            parentPrMap.put(pr.AccountId, new Set<String>());

list<Contact> prParentlist2 = [select ID,Email,Name,account.parentid, Account.recordtypeId,Phone,FirstName, lastName from Contact where account.parentid in :parentIDs and Account.recordtypeId='012600000005J5J']; //add Customer record type Id here.
    for(Contact pr:prParentlist2){
        if(parentPrMap.get(pr.account.parentid) == null){
            parentPrMap.put(pr.account.parentid, new Set<String>());
            && parentAccmap.containsKey(prr.Accountid)
            && parentPrMap.containsKey(parentAccmap.get(prr.Accountid).ParentId)
                String baseUrl = URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl().toExternalForm()+'/02Z/e?parentId=';
                string errorMsg = '<a style=\'color:1B2BE8\'href="'+baseUrl+ prr.accountid +'"> Please Create a Contact Role  </a>';
                prr.addError('This Contact already exists.'+ errorMsg,false);

Any help is appreciated.

You can't do that I'm afraid - a trigger can't redirect the user to a different page - the best that you can do is display an HTML format error message as you are currently doing.  If you want to redirect the user, you'll have to capture the input via a Visualforce page and detect the duplicate in the controller.