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Kathy HintonKathy Hinton 

Automating Processes with Workflow - Set Case to Escalated - Error verifying challenge

Other people have had this problem and concluded that it had something to do with having a namespace. But this is a new developer org I set up specifically for Trailhead, no namespace. I am still getting an error on this, I have verified the exact wording, tested the workflow, and saw the task created . But when I try to verify the Challenge I get the following message:  " Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Follow Up on Escalated Case' Workflow assign task action was not found."
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Kathy,

Are you still facing this issue?


Kathy HintonKathy Hinton
Yes, I still have this issue.
Kathy@ Please check whether you activated your workflow or not. Hope theat might be the reason. Please let me know if you still have issue. 
Kathy HintonKathy Hinton
Yes, I activated it. As I said, I tested the workflow and saw the task created.
Hi Kathy, I am not sure of it then, for further assistance i attached document along with this mail. I am giving the workflow screen shots which i've created and successfully passed in trailhead. Please cross check your WF with this one.
I am experiencing the same issue and the workflow is activated.  I have deleted and re-added and no success. In other cases I have found the message incorrect and the issue reported is not really the reason for the failure.  Where to turn for solution to the problem?