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Tim PesceTim Pesce 

Problem with wording of Trailhead Challenge? UI Customization -> Customizing Navigation, Buttons, and Links

When I first tried this challenge I was not successful and was having a difficult time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. The error I received when checking the challenge was:
Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Google Link' custom button was not found

I was thrown off becuase one of the criteria for the challenge is:
  • The custom button must be named 'Google Link'.
But "Google Link" is not a valid name. I believe this shiould instead state that the *label* should be "Google Link". Ultimately I passed the challenge once I realized that I had created a link instead of a button.
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Jitender  PaddaJitender Padda
Go to this link for more Information - It was actually a bug which Salesforce has now fixed.

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PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Tim,

Thanks for the feedback.

Todd GiddensTodd Giddens
I am running into an issue with this as well.  I have created a button called 'Google Link' and have saved it on the 'Contact Layout' page layout but get the same error.  

If it helps, here is the Custom Button page that I have set up:
User-added image
and the Contact Layout page:

User-added image

Any help would be appreciated as I think I have it done, but can't complete the challenge.  Thanks!
Jitender  PaddaJitender Padda
Yea, i have a similar issue too. Unfortunately , mine is a button and still it is saying- Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Google Link' custom button was not found.
Tim PesceTim Pesce
Todd, that looks like exactly what I have. What do your page layout assignments look like? Here are mine:

User-added image
Todd GiddensTodd Giddens
Tim, thanks for the reply.  Here are my page layout assignments:

User-added image
Diego Armando RamirezDiego Armando Ramirez
Hi everyone ,

I have named the custom button 'GoogleLink' and the error no longer happens and the challenge is complete.

Todd GiddensTodd Giddens
Thank you!  This seemed to solve the problem.  Must be a bug...

Appreciate the help!
Jitender  PaddaJitender Padda
Go to this link for more Information - It was actually a bug which Salesforce has now fixed.
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Xavier V LivingstonXavier V Livingston
I am having the same issue. Please help. I tried the suggestions above. 
I tried this option as well but not working, same issue! Please help.

I also have question. 
While I create a custom button should I see CONTACTNAME in drop down for Insert Field? My Path is Build->Customize->Contacts->Buttons, Links, and Actions.

May be something wrong I am doing!?! 
Thanks everyone!  GoogleLink, not Google_Link.  Detail Page Button, not Detail Page Link.
And copy the from the instructions:{CONTACTNAME}
Ryan SchorrRyan Schorr
It looks like all the issues with this challenge from January were related to a bug that checked the linked dev org for "GoogleLink" instead of "Google Link". The Trailhead developers have since fixed this bug.
For the issues that have occurred since, there are a couple things you may want to check:​

Not Using Default "Contact" Object to Create Button
Are you creating the custom button under Build > Customize > Contacts > Buttons, Links, and Actions (as seen in the image below)? Many users are creating a new custom object called "Contact" instead of using the default object as the challenge calls for.
 User-added image

Wrong Display Type
When creating the button, are you using the Detail Page Button display type? Using one of the other two options will fail the challenge.
User-added image

Wrong Page Layout
Are you using Page Layouts under Build > Customize > Contacts? You will need to edit the layout titled "Contact Layout".
User-added image

If you're not making any of these mistakes, try starting the challenge again with a new dev org.
Louise Cardwell StillerLouise Cardwell Stiller
Thanks to all above, I completely overlooked that they ask for Custom Button in the challenge! After an hour of fighting with Custom Link wondering where I was going wrong!
Dhiren Patel 8Dhiren Patel 8

Thanks Ryan!!! You RoCk!  I was not using the default Contacts object.  Replaced all the information into that object and the challenge passed!

Cheers again

Dave AielloDave Aiello
I ran into some problems with this challenge as well.  My issues were:
  • When I was directed to make the custom button open to the link "{CONTACTNAME}", I couldn't use "{CONTACTNAME}", I had to use "{!Contact.Name}" instead.
  • Furthermore, the URI had to be "", not """ as listed in the instructions.  When I used """, the window to Google opened, but the search parameter wasn't populated.
  • When I used the text "{!Contact.Name}", I received credit for the challenge.
Amit GhadageAmit Ghadage
Hi Tim Pesce
Delete other custom layouts and then check it. I was also facing same issue it workded for me!!

It is missing a '/' in the URL
Is:     {!Contact.Name}
Should be:{!Contact.Name}
Making this change I received credit for the challenge.
Sira CormierSira Cormier
I followed all of the above suggestions (with the last one being Amit's suggestion to remove other custom layouts) and it worked!
Cristy CastanoCristy Castano
SFDC needs to fix this challenge!  the link you provide is NOT correct.  After failing the challenge a few times using the provided google search link -{!Contact.Name}
 I noticed the "/" missing and change it to:{!Contact.Name}

Then the challenge passed.