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Gaurav Sinha 15Gaurav Sinha 15 

StandardSetController & VisulaForce

Hello Expert,

I have just joined the Salesforce, and stuck in this question

I have to create a visual force page with BillingCity, BillingState and BillingCountry and a search button, based on the filter i have to display the records on the vf page.

Below is code for the visual force page

<apex:page StandardController="Account" extensions="AccountExtension">
    <apex:pageBlock id="in" title="Populate 100 Entried based on select Criteria" >
            <apex:pageBlockButtons location="top">
                <apex:commandButton value="search" action="{!getAccountExtension}" rerender="out, in" status="status">
                <apex:inputField value="{!account.BillingState}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!account.BillingCity}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!account.BillingCountry}">
    <apex:pageBlock id ="out" title=" Out put">
        <apex:actionStatus   startText="updatign .... " id ="status"/>
            <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!accountRecords}" var="ac">
                <apex:column headervalue="Owner Name" value="{!ac.account.Name}"/>
                <apex:column headervalue = " Billing city " value="{!ac.BillingCity}"/>
                <apex:column headervalue = " Billing State " value="{!ac.BillingState}"/>
                <apex:column headervalue = " Billing Country" value="{!ac.BillingCountry}"/>

Below is the code for AccountExtension
public class AccountExtension {

private Account account {get;set;}

public AccountExtension(ApexPages.StandardController  controller){
    this.account = (Account)controller.getRecord();
public ApexPages.StandardSetController accountRecords{
            return new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator([Select Name, 
                                                                                 from   Account 
                                                                                 where  BillingCountry like :account.BillingCountry
                                                                                 and    BillingCity     like :account.BillingCity
                                                                                 and    BillingState   like :account.BillingState
                                                                                 limit  100
            return accountRecords;
        private set;

    public List<Account> getAccountExtension(){
         return (List<Account>) accountRecords.getRecords();


I am not able to use accountRecords in the <apex:pageTable>. 
Kindly suggest the way to display the records on the vf page, using the filter created.

Any help will be appreciated
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Anoop yadavAnoop yadav
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Gaurav Sinha 15Gaurav Sinha 15
Thanks Anoop.